Our Story

Upon inception, we set out to create a peer-to-peer sharing community that would democratize the opportunity to adventure. What we have created is Toyroom. Founded in 2016, and based in Southern California, Toyroom is a trusted online platform that enables ride owners to easily connect with anyone who desires to rent one of the many rides that are available via our platform. This allows any person to easily search through many ride listings, compare ride prices, contact the ride owner, leave a review and even book the ride securely through Toyroom. Furthermore, it allows ride owners to turn their itemĀ into a source of income.


Whether you are looking to rent a surfboard in your hometown for a couple of hours, a car for a week while you are vacationing far from home, or any of the many other rides that can be found on Toyroom, we are here to help you seamlessly connect with a community that wants to share their ride with you.