5 Best Ski Resorts in California Right Now

When people think of California, the first thought into their minds usually isn’t about snow, but rather about surf. However, California has some hidden gems that some people may not know about.




  1. Mammoth Mountain


Mammoth is a personal favorite for a lot of Californians due to the sheer size (over 3,500 acres of runs) of the resort. Mammoth is located in the Sierra Nevada mountains and is not far from Yosemite National Park or Lake Mono. There are 28 different lifts that can take you up the mountain to snowsport heaven. Furthermore, Mammoth generally sees over 400 inches of snow in any given season, yet has over 300 days of sunshine, making it the perfect combination for most Californians.


Current snowpack: 40-84”


  1. Kirkwood


Kirkwood is known for the highest resort snowfalls in the world, and some pretty tricky terrain. Thanks to the high altitude, it also sees over 600 inches of powdery snow in an average season. Kirkwood Mountain is located in the Eldorado National Forest, which is in the northeast of California. Kirkwood is about 40 miles south of Lake Tahoe. The Ski Resort has 87 marked trails, 2,000 feet of vertical drop, and 2,300 skiable acres.


Current snowpack: 22-36”


  1. Northstar California


Northstar Ski Resort has been referred to by some as the “Disneyland of ski resorts”, with 97 trails spread across 3,170 acres , and a vertical drop of 2,280 feet. With 60% of the runs being blue (intermediate skill level), it’s perfect for a family ski trip, but probably not for the harder-core snowsport gurus. Northstar is located near the northwest shore of Lake Tahoe, which is part of Placer County.


Current snowpack: 18-50”


  1. Squaw Valley


This ski resort was originally developed for the Olympic Winter Games in 1960, so it’s no surprise that the resort boasts 3,600 acres of terrain spread over multiple peaks with 2,850 feet of vertical. Squaw Valley usually sees an average of around 330 feet of snow in any given season, and with the California sun shining over 300 days a year, it’s a no brainer that this resort is on our top list. It is located just to the west of Lake Tahoe, and is the second largest ski area in Lake Tahoe after Heavenly Mountain.


Current snowpack: 21-54”


  1. Heavenly Mountain


With over 97 trails, 4,800 acres of terrain, and 3,500 feet of vertical to play with, this ski resort is definitely deserving of the glorious name it was given. This is a perfect resort for the beginner to intermediate level rider, and if you’re an expert skiier you may want to check out Squaw Valley. Heavenly Mountain is located just to the south of Lake Tahoe with great resort/lodging options


Current snowpack: 18-47”




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