Making the Most Out of Your Adventure

You’ve seamlessly and successfully rented an adventure item straight from Toyroom, congratulations!

Now that you have this adventure item in your possession for the rest of the day, you’re eager to get out there and experience it to its full capability, while simultaneously taking advantage of your surrounding environment to do so. How can you ensure you’ll have the greatest time possible?

If you aren’t quite sure exactly where to go, or aren’t familiar with the area enough to navigate yourself, you can now hire a Navigator to help assist in the adventuring with Boldly Went.

From there you will be able to connect with a Navigator that has extensive knowledge in both your adventure item, and the location in which you want to experience the adventure. They will help you hand craft YOUR adventure experience, with your Toyroom item, the way you want it. Combining Toyroom with a Boldly Went Navigator enables rich and authentic outdoor adventure for any traveler, even if they have no gear or local knowledge to do so.


In a bit more detail, allow us to explain what exactly a Boldly Went Navigator is and how they are going to benefit you as a traveler.

Boldly Went offers a valuable International Navigator Network. This network connects travelers who want an authentic experience, with local outdoor enthusiasts, athletes and travel experts. Navigators hail from various disciplines — be it kayaking, surfing, mountain biking or any other adventure activity. Whatever adventure item you plan to use, Boldly Went has a Navigator with a plethora of knowledge and experience towards your adventure item. Your navigator will show you how to best use your item, and how to enjoy it as much as possible!

In addition, your Navigator is well versed in the location in which you plan to adventure. They have extensive local knowledge when it comes to places and transportation. We feel that this is of great value to the traveler. Quite often people who are traveling to new places want to experience more than the regular hyped up tourist spots, but they don’t have the local knowledge to do so. Your Boldly Went Navigator combats that issue by economically guiding you to the places you want to see, and the experiences that you want to have. Depending on personal preference, you can choose to have your Navigator come along with you on your adventure, or you can have them completely equip you with any gear you might need, and completely plan your adventure for you, without having them come along with you or the group you’re with.


So, next time you’re traveling and looking for a great adventure, rent your gear through Toyroom and book a Navigator through Boldly Went. It’s the perfect recipe to ensure you get the most enjoyment out of your item, and the surrounding environment!

Furthermore, Boldly Went is always looking to recruit new Navigators. If you feel you have a high level of experience in a certain location, and with a certain type of adventure, be sure to contact Boldly Went and you could get paid to facilitate others in new adventures.


In combining these two services, Boldly Went and Toyroom, travelers are practicing more ethical avenues in the pursuit of outdoor adventure. Toyroom focuses on the conservation of human made adventure resources, through our sharing economy platform. And, Boldly Went establishes an avenue for local travel experts to keep money in their communities rather than directing funds out of their communities to large travel and tourism agencies.
So, with these two great options for adventure, you’ll never have to second guess a trip! The possibilities are endless.

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