How to Adventure and NOT Break the Bank

Kayak copy

Why Isn’t There a Better Way

Whether you’re out on the lake with friends looking to water ski, taking a trip to the snow wanting to hit the slopes, or just traveling and want to kayak around on a gorgeous sunny day, adventuring can get pretty expensive and become an insurmountable hassle. Previously, you’d have to:

  1. Find a rental shop
  2. Stand in line
  3. Hope that they have exactly what you’re looking for
  4. Choose from the limited inventory on hand
  5. Fill out the tedious forms
  6. Pay the ridiculous costs and fees to be able to rent

But luckily, there are other options out there, thanks to the emerging sharing economy. 

Peer-to-peer adventure marketplace, Toyroom, is changing the game for all adventure-seekers and travelers. By offering a convenient, inexpensive, and ubiquitous platform connecting ride owners to adventure-seekers, Toyroom is able to provide users with a valued experience wildly better than antiquated and prohibitively expensive rental shops. 


Owning Things is Lame

In the past, the “way that things have always been” has passed for an excuse to inhibit change. If you want to explore the Pacific Ocean by kayak, buy one. Then watch it sit around for 85% of the year as your precious investment proves to be foolish. 

Well, not anymore. Not in the Information Era, where information is quite literally at your fingertips. With the right information, people are able to make savvy and economical decisions based on data. And the data doesn’t lie, renting is more economical than buying. 

The Sharing Economy is becoming a revolutionary way to consume and we hope to help pioneer that change. Our goal, at Toyroom, is to democratize the opportunity to adventure. So next time you’re looking to adventure, don’t hesitate. There’s now a better way…and the possibilities are endless

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